Saturday, September 22, 2012



These Versace shades keep my eyes protected.. from the suns harmful rays
These sirens that loudly blare.. warn us children of the bombs appearing out of thin air
This fresh coat keeps my status elevated, and makes the ladies roar 
This bloody coat is all that's left of my father, tucked away in his lifeless drawer
My mouth opens up doors to the world, soothing them with my lyrics
My silenced screams take away my humanity, and damages my countries' spirits

I am the illest, the best there is and the best there ever will be
I am decimated into particles by the regimes bombings, can you please empathize and feel me?
Plug into my nonsense, enrich me with your time and your wealth
Donate to our cause, protect us from fighter jets that are stealth 
Stay focused on me, I'm the only thing that truly matters
Don't you hear the orphaned screams? What about seeing the mosque walls bloodily splattered?
Enough of that nonsense, don't you just wanna stay fly?
But how can you carry on normally, while our Ummah's children brutally die?

The truth is we a machine, entertainment washing your mind
I'm your brother and sister in humanity, won't you save me from this bind?
What's more important to you, staying up to date or a few innocent souls?
We have no bread or water, no utensils or even bowls
Like with the Palestinians before them, we can distract you from their plight 
Please awaken from your coma of this world, and come and see the light 

Syria is being raped, and our tears will bring no change
It starts with our prioritizing, and making sense of senseless things
Forget your image and status, screw your style and fame
Their lives are far more important, than any of these silly games
Hate that which destroys you, protect yourself from its distractions
Mankind is a global family, nationalism only causes resent-filled factions 

To my brothers and sisters enduring oppression, my thoughts and prayers are constantly in utterance
Your patience and perseverance is one step closer, to an eternity of abundance
So stand strong in your struggles, endure the hardships that you face
While we stand in this Dunya as Kings and Queens, you illuminate the heavens as an Ace
My love for you is endless, my family that I will never meet
I cannot wait until we acquaint in the next life, with a hug and joy is how we'll greet

Free Palestine, Free Syria, Free the oppressed wherever they are struggling, regardless of their religion and beliefs. Practice empathy, do not become enveloped in this egotistical dystopia.. It ends, as does the struggle of all.